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Clothes dryer

Product Code: Сушилка для одежды
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Drying apparatus. Capacity 10 kg. Color: blue. 
Maximum load: 10 
Color: Blue 
Power: 900 W 
aluminum post 
polyurethane Case 
Power supply: 220 V 
Operating frequency: 40 Hz 
Nominal weight for drying clothes: 10 kg 
One hanger stands: 3 kg 
Drying time: 180 minutes 
Dimensions: 160cm x 63cm x 63cm 
Gentle drying guaranteed by the absence of mechanical impact on clothes; 
Antibacterial treatment, thanks to warming clothes hot air; 
Easy subsequent ironing, because the fabric in the dryer is not crushed; 
Possible installation and operation of the dryer in an unheated room, as a heater; 
Compact and lightweight. Allows you to install it in any convenient location in the room; 
Easy to disassemble, occupies a minimum of space when stored. Compact dryers (160cm x 63cm x 63cm) allows you to place it almost anywhere in the apartment, and light weight 4.7 kg makes it easy to carry the device from one room to another. 
  • clothes rack 
  • 9 towel rails 
  • Hanger Shoe 
  • 24 clothespins
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