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Electric Convector Heater TK-21

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Electric Convector Heater TK-21
 The heating element of electric convector heater TK-21  is made of special alloy - silumin (aluminum-silicon), monoblock design eliminates the losses and guarantee the complete absence of noise during heating and cooling of the heating element. special "Rakushechnaya coating increases the surface heat and allow to heat the air, without disrupting the natural humidity of the air and not by burning oxygen. 
 The design of the heating element is such that the vertical it is transparent and dust on it does not sink and does not burn. 
 The rate of heating convector is 75s. Warm room for 15-20 minutes. 
Due to its high efficiency and increased area of heat transfer, the heating element has a low surface temperature, the temperature of the heater does not exceed 60 C. 
Mechanical thermostat. 
Staffed mount on the wall. 
Convector has no sharp edges which can injure the child. 
Provides anti-freezing regime (6 C). 
Reliable automatic heater withstands voltage drops from 206 to 233 V. 
Resource continuous operation of the heating element is at least 25 years. 
Warranty period - 5 years. 


Dimensioms (HWD)

Heated area

Convector 1,5 kW



Convector 2,0 kW



Advantages of electric heaters TK-21. 
Thanks to the advanced and unique technologies coil TK-21 have many advantages compared with conventional heaters (oil-filled radiators, heat) and other convectors. Speed entering the operating temperature of 75 seconds. 
The heating element heats up in just 75 seconds. Due to the high rate of heating significant power savings. Convectors TK-21 rather 15 - 20 minutes to warm up the whole space. 
For comparison: oil heaters must be at least 10 - 15 minutes just to heat the oil inside. In this warm-up spent a lot of electricity. Another heater need 3 - 4 minutes to start issuing heat. 
Absolutely silent 
Convectors TK-21 work absolutely silent. Quiet is achieved through the use of natural convection heating and application of modern heating element. 
For comparison: the oil cooler at work produces the characteristic snapping ( "bubbling"), which occur during heating and cooling oil inside the device. Heater - the noisy household heating, due to application of the fan. Does not burn oxygen and dry air. Due to its high efficiency and increased area of heat the heating element has a low temperature of the surface without disturbing the natural moisture and oxygen burning. The design of the heating element is such that the vertical it is transparent and dust on it does not sink and does not burn. 
For comparison: the heating elements of fan heaters, as a rule, open spiral, having a high surface temperature. At the same time actively burned the oxygen from the air and there is a smell of burning dust. Oil heaters also have high surface temperature (in boiling oil!) And their work in many people causes headache. Convectors TK-21 - with a mechanical thermostat with an accuracy of maintaining the temperature to 1°C. 
In oil radiator thermostat does not control the air temperature and oil temperature. Therefore, maintaining a constant temperature in the room here is very conditional. The accuracy of the thermostat oil cooler about 3 - 5°C. 
Perfectly correct convection 
Convectors TK-21 provide a high efficiency of convection without the use of additional devices.The whole construction module is aimed at ensuring that the convection was really effective and directed. 
Plates are made out of warm air at the front of the heater - the horizontal flow of heated air is fed directly into the room. This horizontal flow of air so strong that it seems as if the heater built into the case fan. 
The whole construction convector TK-21 is aimed at uniform heat distribution in a heated room with maximum comfort. 
For comparison: the oil cooler does not create a directed stream of warm air. The heat just rises up and uniform heating of the entire room does not happen. You can warm up while just next to the device. 
100% safety 
Convectors TK-21 designed for the professional heating, so they operated as if people and in their absence, while maintaining preset temperature and fire (confirmed by the certificate). 
The design of the device does not allow outside objects that could catch fire, get to the heating element. 
In the case of overheating triggered sensor overheating, switching off electricity. 
Reliable automatic heater in the TK-21 withstands voltage drops from 150 to 240 volts. In the case of shutdown of electricity, and the subsequent inclusion of the heater will continue to work in a given mode. 
For comparison: do not leave unattended included oil radiators and fan heaters. Cheap components do not guarantee absolute safety when using these devices. 
Safe for children 
Convectors not have sharp edges which can injure the child. Ozhechsya on convector TK-21 is also impossible, case temperature does not exceed 60 ° C. Access inside the device for a child is closed. 
For comparison: the oil cooler housing temperature reaches 100C and there is always the possibility of a burn. The sharp edge of fins are also more dangerous. Not recommended to leave a child unattended with heaters. Incandescent spiral almost bare, and the device itself is so easy, can be overturned, even a small child. 
Not require grounding 
For comparison: the majority of electric heaters must be grounded in case of breakdown of electricity on the body. 
Electricity savings 
Due to the high efficiency of the heating element and high-precision thermostat coil TK-21 for 25 - 30% more economical than conventional heaters and other convectors. 
For comparison: the energy savings is due to the rapid heating of the heating element (75 seconds versus 15 minutes in oil radiator) and the exact maintenance of the desired temperature. The smaller the difference between the prescribed and actual temperature, the less need to spend energy for heating. 
Universal mounting 
Convectors TK-21 is easily and quickly mounted on a wall or set on special legs with wheels.The same device can be used in the country, hanging on the wall and coming to the city to install it on foot. 
Reliability and durability 
Reliable automatic heater withstands voltage drops from 206 to 233 VA Resource continuous operation of the heating element is at least 25 years. Warranty period - 5 years.
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